Thursday, July 17, 2014

fiber trash girls 2013 a visit with clockwork

the annual fiber trash girls mountain retreat is quickly approaching! i realized what a lame blogger i am as i never found the time to blog about our amazing time together.  last year was extra special as we had an out of town visitor.  i will try to quickly recap for you.   fellow fabulous and funny blogger steven A.  had a request that his hand knit clockwork, a stephen west design shawl travel to all 50 states and beyond.  the fiber trash girls were the lucky chosen ones to have the honor of showing the shawl a good time here in california.  and a good time was had!  as many of you know we meet at birdsong's old miners cabin in forest city. 

Birdsong sporting the clockwork
birdsong's cabin was built in 1872.   i just love it there.

 and yes it's true, we use an honest to goodness old fashioned outhouse!  hella sweet!

but i digress.  back to this stephen A.  clockwork thingee.  the shawl arrived safely via priority mail.  and got right at home with the moonshine and the sacred corncob pipe.

okay, so i got a kazillion photos from our retreat and so much fun was had that i simply don't have time at the moment to go into great detail.  so i will choose some photos to share to give you a tasting of what went on and i guess you'll just have to use your imagination.

what can i say?  love my fiber trash girls!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

dreams do come true

as most of you know by now, i got my dream bike in my beloved and most coveted persimmon colorway.  it was quite the ordeal!  even before i raised all my money with my "will knit for dream bike" campaign through the go fund me crowdfunding site, my local bike shop, Tour of Nevada City said they'd order it for me as it can take awhile sometimes.  much to my horror Juliana Bikes was sold out in persimmon and did not know if they were getting more in.

all the positive persimmon vibes you all put out there for me worked as i was able to purchase the very same bike i demoed as Juliana was removing some models from the demo fleet to make rooms for the new 2015 bikes. they knew how badly i wanted this bike! my bike was literally the very last Juliana origin primiero in persimmon available!  

i want to thank everyone for your positive vibes, money donations and to go fund me for having such an awesome website to help me raise the funds! i also want to thank my local bike shop TONC for all their efforts in trying to get me my dream bike!

i hope to do a fun photo shoot soon but here's a few pictures!  meet Vivian- she's the personification of an old fashioned  southern Iowa farm gurl.  Big and strong yet graceful and feminine in her calico farm dress and apron-  ready for any challenge or adventure! check out them 29 inch wagon wheels!  Vivian was comes from the Latin name Vivianus which was derived from Latin vivus "alive" or "lively."  perfectly suited!  yet names evolve, so we'll see if it morphs.  like our dog blue.  i call him booge(soft sounding g)

keep the rubber side down!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


praying for persimmon seems to be the hot topic on my facebook page and i feel like i have some explaining to do.  i seem to have friends who are praying for persimmon as if she were a dying pet or friend.  i suppose vague posts such as "pray for persimmon"  or "is there persimmon at the end of the tunnel?" could have something to do with this.
  my apologies to all who have been concerned or worried.  you see, when i talk about or mention persimmon i am referring to my dream bike and its colorway. 

check out her paint job-persimmon, sigh! swoon!  i think its the best bike color i have ever seen.  i am in love.  this color sings to me.  makes me want to jump on this bike, hit the trails and ride and ride and ride!  she is a Juliana Origin Premeiro.  i have been jonesing for this bike for a long time. full- suspension with 29 inch wheels!  woot! the problem is i just don't have the funds so i started a go fund me account called "will knit for dream bike" to help raise money for for my dream bike.  please check out my link for more info!
  you may still be slightly confused as to why "pray for persimmon."  well, excitedly i am half way to my fund raising goal so my local bike shop suggested i order it now as it can take a while.  much to my horror my beloved persimmon colorway is sold out in my size!  talk about a major blow.  i was crushed and totally joyless when i heard the news.  i could not believe it...  and to top it off the company didn't know if they were getting more in.  more depression.  some of you may think this is a petty reason for depression as they still had my size available in white.  excuse me? did you say white?  white? white? was that color you just mentioned white?  my dream bike is not white but persimmon-  i don't want an effin white bike.   no way, no how, never gonna happen. i love color and i'm a very visual person. if i'm going to spend a lot of money on a bike i'm going to like the color.  white! gaaaaaagggg! off with your heads!...... see for your self!

can you say boring!  now, i'm not a materialistic person and i don't ask for much.  but this just took the wind out of my sails. when i look at the persimmon colored bike it calls to me:  come and play with me!  when i see the white version all i see is: im not persimmon and never will be. taunting me. okay, enough ranting!
  i believe in the power of positive energy and thoughts or prayers as some call it.  so i decided to put it out there and let the prayers begin. so i've been telling everyone to "pray for persimmon."  guess what?  i heard thru the grape vine that there might be more available august 1st!!!!!  hence the "is there persimmon at the end of the tunnel?" post.  please help me out here and pray for persimmon!  feel free to donate to my cause as well and receive a groovy hand knit item or hand dyed yarn!!!  i also would like to thank all the generous wonderful folk who have donated already.  you rock and i soooooo appreciate it!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

don't ride alone

in the mountain bike community there's a suggestion that you never ride alone.  i understand why this is said. its a safety issue. but if i followed this advice, what little time i have for riding would diminish substantially.  there are times when i simply must ride alone.  today was one of those daysstormy weather on the horizon for the rest of the week.  if i didn't ride today it would be awhile before i could ride again.

my ride did not start out well.  the first 2.7 miles were spent getting off and on my bike as my seat kept falling to BMX height every 20-50 feet.  this was most unpleasant.  how do those effin BMXers ride like that?  luckily liam was able to find me and help me fix it.  love my ability to text in these moments.  he had to get back to his studies so i bid him farewell and continued my journey. 

my ride was going splendidly.  it was beautiful. cool and misty.

the moss was brilliant and the ferns were dancing with delight from the recent rain.  my riding was feeling good and strong.  but then i hit this little spot in the trail, not a big deal-i cruised over it just fine.  but earlier i was having trouble with my bike wanting to veer to the left side of the trail.  the steep side.  not sure why this happens but sometimes i ride right on that edge and my bike won't steer away.  some kind of weird physics phenomenon.  i was teetering on the edge several times remembering not to panic when seeing the steep downhill to my left but to shift my weight and point the opposite knee in the direction i wanted to go instead.

i'm not sure what happened.  i just know that after clearing this log my bike went left when i wanted to veer straight up the trail.  i knew i was going to crash and i would not be able to stop it. 

luckily my crash was in slow motion. seeing the approaching logs i would soon be laying upon, i had a stern discussion with my upper left arm and shoulder.  i just told them that they would NOT be breaking.  i hit the logs gracefully with my bike landing on top of me.  i just sort of laid there stunned for awhile.  once i realized i was fine i was trying to figure out how i was going to crawl out of this hole.  i was kinda stuck with my bike on top of me.....with no one to help me up.  i managed a few photos from my vantage point.

i somehow managed to climb out and pull my bike out too.  i consider myself really lucky.

sore and shaky i continued on only to come upon this fallen tree right in the middle of the trail.  many a swear word spewed from my lips as my feet got entangled whilst dragging my bike threw this mess.

i was pretty ragged by the time i got to "Dark Day"  and was thankful that my text to hubby made it as he was waiting there with the truck to drive me home.   understanding fully the meaning of "don't ride alone"  but knowing fully i would ride alone tomorrow if the opportunity arose!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

close call

a few days ago,  there was a small fire on my road.  Here's the report from yubanet: 

"August 8, 2013 at 10:34 AM The fire on Sycamore Lane was caused by a downed powerline. The fire is fully contained, but some interior burning is occurring. PG&E en route. Firefighters are on scene, smoke can be seen in the Bullards Bar area."

Here in Northern California everyone knows how quickly a small fire can turn into a big fire real quick.  I'm always on edge till the end of fall when the rains return.  Every summer we try to be prepared if the horrible does happen and we have to evacuate. What to bring?  

Well, yesterday the fire was super close.  Too close for comfort.  I realized if it spread quickly the road could be blocked.  When we saw the flames I said to liam, time to pack the truck.  We calmly raced around the house grabbing items and shoving them into boxes and bags.  I already had our important papers box packed.  

Later it was really interesting to see what we both packed.  Roy was out of town.  These things always happen when he is out of town.  I took some photos of what I packed.

I packed one apron, my iPad, dittie bag still packed from last overnight trip, favorite dress, one dog leash, knitting bag with my Stephen West old forge blanket project and my autographed copy of the pattern book 3(see previous post), my calendar book, my glasses, a stripped linen shirt, 2 pairs of skivvies, one bra like thing, bass pro bag packed full of knitting paraphernalia, my awesomely new knitting project bag made by soxy sue herself- which contains the man shawl thendara project I'm making for hubby, 2 skeins of yarn and a gorgeous pigeonroof studios merino braid in the verbena colorway. If our house was going to burn down and all my fiber with it, I needed at least one braid so all was not lost. oh, and my pockets were crammed full of little sentimental objects too dear for me to post.
Here's some close ups:

liam packed his bike and his mandolin and his current hemingway book, "to have and have not."  i was totally freaked out that i couldn't find the old baby photo books.  it was very fortunate that my neighbor was in her garden when it happened and was able to call PG&E and Fire right away or the outcome might not have been so good.  We lost power for the day and late into the night.  liam took these shots of the fire:


 that was a close call.  two days later another fire started by yet another downed power line.  not so close this time but still in the area.  we lost power again.  sigh.  i'm very thankful to all the incredible fire fighters we have here that help us in so many way.  thank you.  and yes, in case you are wondering we did pack the dragon.